(NOT AVAILABLE) Dobinsons Lexus GX470 MRR Remote Reservoir Lift Kit 2″/2.5″/3″ Standard or Heavy

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The MRR Kit uses the same Great coils used in the standard kit, but offers a substantial improvement in performance.

The Dobinsons MRR Remote Reservoir Lift kit utilizes large bores, combined with remote oil reservoirs, provide the perfect housing for an enormous oil capacity and surface area to resist shock fade and maintain vehicle handling.

The MRR Shocks / Struts are rebuildable, and include a spanner wrench for adjustment.

Coil Colors: Teal is standard, Red and Black are available for no additional cost.
Available in with Comfort Springs or Heavy Springs

Kit includes:
2″, 2.5″, or 3″ Lift coils (Front and Rear) (Please specify lift height & Spring type)
2 MRR Front Struts
2 MRR Rear Shocks
Spanner Wrench
Mounting Brackets

Please Note:

1.Due to the factory suspension rake the vehicle is taller in the rear than it is in the front, typically by 1″. In order to have a leveled look after the lift, we would order 1″ shorter springs for the rear. If you prefer to keep the factory rake, we can order the same height front and rear springs. This does not change the cost. We recommend keeping the factory rake, because if you tow, or add additional weight such as luggage for your family; it will help keep the vehicle from sagging in the rear.

2. Lift height in the front is a combination of both strut selection and spring selection. Certain part numbers are compatible in multiple scenarios depending on the combination of both the spring and strut. For example, the 2.5″ HD & 3″ standard springs are the same part number, but when the strut is changed, it changes the overall lift height. Due to the multiple configurations available, all orders are double checked prior to shipment to confirm that the correct part numbers are shipped for your application. 



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