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The Apache AX2 IFP Rebuildable Monotube’s were designed for superior performance in harsh off-road conditions and on-road performance. The AX2 integrates premium design features into a cost-efficient package. The AX2 Features a Monotube design, complete with an independent floating piston, and high nitrogen pressure to prevent shock cavitation.  Heat dissipation is a major factor in a shock absorbers ability to provide consistent damping. High heat build up, can create a situation where the oil develops bubbles/foam thus not allowing the piston to provide proper damping. By placing the oil under high pressure, and then separating the oil and gas by way of the IFP- we are able to create a shock absorber capable of preventing shock cavitation (shock fade) under high heat scenarios. Since a Monotube shock is a singular cylindrical tube, heat only has to transfer through one wall before dissipating to the outside air. A monotube also allows for a larger piston thus provides the user with more consistent and precise damping. The AX2 has been developed to provide quality performance, reliability, and ride quality.



  • 3 Spring seat settings: OEM height (0″), +1″, and +1.5″
  • Direct Bolt on Installation
  • Nitrogen Charged Monotube Design
  • Internal Floating Piston- Separates the oil and nitrogen to prevent shock fade.
  • Fully rebuildable and revalveable
  • Linear Valving
  • Hardened Chrome Piston shaft- resists rock damage and corrosion
  • Precision Japanese CNC machined, High Flow Piston
  • Heavy Duty Ultra Low Friction Japanese 3 Stage Seal System
  • High Quality German Oil
  • Heavy Duty Lower Leg
  • Hardened Rubber Lower Bushing provides a long and quite life.
  • All new mounting hardware and bushings included
  • Front:
    • T6 6061 Aluminum Spring Seat
    • Heavy Duty Spring Seat Circlip
    • Heavy Duty 1/8″ (3mm) DOM wall thickness
    • Down travel Spacer (under top hat spacer shaft spacer/extender) to provide adequate down travel for lift heights of 3-3.5″- Eliminates the need to rebuy extended travel struts when making changes to taller lift heights. Ideal for those who change their lift height overtime. Works by extending the point at which the upper washer sits on the shaft, thus raising the mounting position of the top hat and increasing down travel. Use for lifts 3-3.5″
    • Works from 0-3.5″ of lift 
  • 2 Year Warranty


LEANS: These vehicles can lean on the driver side. We recommend measuring from the center of the wheel to the bottom of the fender on both sides to determine if you have a lean present in stock form. This can be a good indicator of if a lean will be present once lifted. Generally a .5″ spacer will be used on the front driver side.

Coil Selection: 

**Note** – The heights below are based on the OEM setting (lowest / 1st notch) of the AX2 Front strut.

–  For lifts 3-3.5″ – Select to have the struts assembled at the 2nd Notch and have the down travel spacer installed. This adds 1″ of height, to the below coil spring height.

– The third or top notch is reserved for use with stock height springs.


Front Coil Part Number Lift Height Color Variations
CF200R 1.6″ Stock Load Red
C59-302 1.6″ Stock Load Teal, Red, Black
C59-314 2″ Stock Load Teal, Red, Black
C59-352 2″ 110-240 Lbs Heavy Load / 2.4″ Stock Load (Not reccomended to run empty) Teal, Red, Black
C59-354 2.4″ 110-240 Lbs Heavy Load / 2.75″ Stock Load (Not reccomended to run empty) Teal, Red, Black


Rear Lift Selection:


Part Number Description
L59-110-R Leaf Spring Replacement Pair 2.1″ Light / Medium Load
L59-111-R Leaf Spring Replacement Pair 2.1″ Heavy 600 lbs+ Constant Load
L59-112-R Leaf Spring Replacement Pair 2.1″ Super Heavy 600 lbs+ Constant Load
QR59-552K Rear Lift Block w/ Hardware 1.25″ Lift
QR59-551K Rear Lift Block w/ Hardware 2″ Lift

** If you purchase the leaf spring option, you must select to add the required hardware parts for the leaf springs.

These Include:

  • 2 Sets of Dobinsons Greasable Pins SP59-060 – For use on both ends- Allows you to grease the bushings. (Use a Silicone based poly grease such as super lube)
  • 2 U-Bolt Kits UB59-453-2K
  • 1 Poly Bushing Kit PB59-1101K

Shocks / Struts Selection:


Front Strut Part Number Description
AX2-10F 0-3.5″ Front Strut
Rear Shock Part Number Description
AX2-21R 0-3″ Rear Shock




Please Note:

1.Due to the factory suspension rake the vehicle is taller in the rear than it is in the front, typically by 1″. In order to have a leveled look after the lift, we would order 1″ shorter springs for the rear. If you prefer to keep the factory rake, we can order the same height front and rear springs. We recommend keeping the factory rake, because if you tow, or add additional weight such as luggage for your family; it will help keep the vehicle from sagging in the rear.

Upper Control Arms (UCAs) – Highly recommended at 2″, Required at 2.5″ and above. 


**Assembly Note** DO NOT USE AN IMPACT TO ASSEMBLE FRONT STRUTS. Please insure that you use an hex/allen key to hold the shaft from spinning while you tighten down the top nut. Tighten until it stops, Torque the Lower Strut bolt, Lower control arm and UCA at ride height, with the weight of the vehicle on the wheels / on the ground.

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