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The Apache Offroad HD adjustable sway bar links were engineered to create a strong link between your sway bar and frame, as well as,  correct your sway bar alignment post lift install. Over the years we have noticed that some customers have broken the studs in their links, causing potentially catastrophic failure to other components on the vehicle. Thus leading to the creation of our HD chromoly link set.

By positioning the sway bar to a neutral position  you are able to maximize travel and handling of your vehicle.

  • Adjustable (on vehicle) from 165mm – 206mm – Requires at least 1″ of lift if used in the front and 2″ in the rear. 
  • Custom Forged Oversized (22mm ball) Chromoly Rod End / Joints
  • Premium Silicone Dust Boots
  • High Carbon Steel Center Link
  • Black EDP Coating for corrosion resistance
  • High Quality Polyurethane Bushings on frame side
  • Serrated Oval / Distorted Thread Locking Nut – The factory sway bar material expands and contracts as you drive, thus causing the nut to come loose and the sway bar link to disconnect. This is not ideal. This style nut, is the best solution we have found to the issue, though we do still recommend the use of thread locker at install.
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Rod end machined to accept hex key to prevent the rod end from spinning during installation. Other brands come with a nut on the inner side of the shaft, which is harder to use and more likely to cause you to tear the boot upon installation.
  • Sold as a pair
  • Maintenance Free Design.
  • 2 year unlimited mile warranty

Note- If you lose a nut- the frame side is size m12x1.25 and the stud / sway bar side is size is m12x1.5 / The locking nut going into the center link is 1/2″-20

Torque specs: We recommend using factory torque specs


  • 1996-2002 TOYOTA 4RUNNER (3RD GEN)


Installation Help:

Installation is quite simple. Remove the factory sway bar link, and install the Apache link. With the vehicle on the ground, at ride height, Adjust the sway bar link until the angle of the sway bar is running in parallel with the lower trailing arm (link.) You also want your sway bar end ball stud to stick out straight. When installed correctly the link should not look like its being pulled to the rear.  Be sure to tighten both upper locking nuts as well as the rod end locking nut against the center link. Apply thread locker to nuts and torque to factory spec.



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