PROnetic Moab Pro Synthetic Winch Line: ATV / UTV

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Moab Pro Synthetic Winch Lines
Lighter, Stronger, & Safer than Steel Winch Lines!

Moab Pro Synthetic Winch Lines are manufactured with longevity, strength, and user safety in mind. With quality comes premium materials, our winch lines are manufactured using Plasma ® 12 strand Rope, and are precision spliced in the USA.

Plasma ® Rope is the world’s strongest rope for its weight, which equates the line to being 85% lighter & 20-40% stronger than an equivalent steel cable. In addition, Plasma ® Rope retains considerably less kinetic energy than steel winch line. In the event of a line failure, steel lines are known to “whip” which greatly increases the likelihood of vehicle damage or personal injury.

Additional Features are standard such as an UV & Element resistant coating to ensure a long service life. The first 100 inches of our winch lines are coated red, to provide a line spool warning. This allows you to quickly determine the amount of line remaining on the drum.

In Addition we have removed all metal parts from our winch line, in order to create the safest synthetic winch line on the market. In the event of a line failure, there are no heavy metal parts that could potentially cause personal injury or vehicle Damage. Use The Moab Pro Synthetic Winch line in Conjunction with our Durango Pro Synthetic Shackle for a No-Metal Recovery Solution.


Made in the USA
No Metal Parts
Hard Dipped Urethane Eyes
Multiple Line sizes, Lengths, & eyelet options available
High strength
Low Stretch
100% Plasma ® Rope Construction
UV Coating for long lasting protection
100″ Safety Red indicator
Universal Winch application
Does not produce Burrs, like steel cables.
Easy to repair / splice

3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Available Sizes: (MBL – Minimum Breaking Load)

316 5,550 50′ Some ATV Winches MP31650RT $122.83
316 5,550 80′ Some ATV Winches MP31680RT $180.10
316 5,550 125′ Some ATV Winches MP316125RT $266.02
14 8,000 50′ Most ATV/UTV Winches MP1450RT $169.46
14 8,000 80′ Most ATV/UTV Winches MP1480RT $251.06
14 8,000 125′ Most ATV/UTV Winches MP14125RT $373.46

Care and Maintenance:

To ensure years of service we recommend rinsing the winch line  with water and allowing  it to dry after each use.

Safety First!

While Plasma Rope Fibers are stronger than steel of the same diameter, they are susceptible cutting and wear and tear. Always inspect your PROnetic winch line prior to use for cuts, frayed areas, or excess wear and tear.

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