Apache Liquid Fuel Adapter Kit for Tesla

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This product has been discontinued.


If you’re a Tesla driver who’s ready to return to the open road, who wants to travel where adventure lives instead of where the charging stations wait, Apache Liquid Fuel Adapter Kit for Tesla will get you there.

This drop-in kit is designed to be installed by anyone, no experience necessary. The kit includes detailed instructions to ensure you’re on the road trouble free as fast as possible.

The kit is based around the LT4 supercharged 6.2L 650HP V8 from Chevrolet Performance. It’s their latest high-tech small-block crate engine and was selected for its unmatched balance between size and performance.

You receive a fully assembled crate engine, 5 speed manual transmission, drive train, electronic control module, and the engine control hardware to get it all running in your Tesla – including the mass airflow sensor and oxygen sensors – as well as a 48 gallon vented fuel tank, fuel pump and filter, plus fuel lines.

We also supply an adhesive cutting pattern for the frunk. Used in combination with the mounting hardware that comes as part of the install kit, there is minimal impact on forward visibility.

* Special offer – trade in your Tesla battery pack for a substantial discount. Offer only open to battery packs with < 5,000 miles usage.


Each Apache Offroad Liquid Fuel Adaptor Kit comes with: 

Fully assembled crate engine
Transmission, drive train & Install Kit
Fuel tank, fuel pump and fuel lines
Calibrated engine control module
Oxygen sensors, Mass airflow meter and mounting bosses
Wiring harness with fuse box and all engine sensors
Self-adhesive cutting pattern for frunk top
Apache Offroad branded gearstick knob

Engine Specifications:

Horsepower: [email protected] 6000 RPM
Torque: 650 ft/lbs @ 4600 RPM
Block: Cast aluminum with 6-Bolt, Cross-Bolted Main Bearing Caps
Crankshaft: Forged Steel, 8-Bolt Flange
Connecting Rods: Forged Powdered Metal
Pistons: Forged Aluminum
Camshaft: Billet Steel Hydraulic Roller
Cylinder Heads: Aluminum, Direct Injection with VVT
Reluctor Wheel: 58X
Balanced: Internal
Compression Ratio: 10.0:1
Rocker Arms: 1.81:1
Recommended Fuel: Premium Recommended

Note: Installation of this kit in a vehicle for which it is not intended may violate U.S. and Canadian laws and regulations related to motor vehicle emissions. Check your state and local emissions requirements before purchasing.

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2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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