Dobinsons 2″ Lift Rear Replacement Leaf Spring Pair Nissan Frontier 2005-2022



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Dobinsons 2″ Leaf Spring Replacement for the Nissan Frontier 2005+
Available in two spring rates:


L45-003-R Heavy Duty – 551 lb Constant Load

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The available Shackles are extended to provide 1″ of additional lift and are greaseable

Full Length Eye Support Wrappers
Provides additional strength and safety for spring eyes and where possible, full military style wrap leaves are used.
Matched Spring Rate
Engineered and tested spring rates match the vehicle weight and shock absorber valve forces for a complete suspension system.
Increased Rate & Increased Camber
Provides up to 50mm of lift to the vehicle and also increases the vehicles load carrying capacity.
Shotpeened & Scragged
Greatly increased spring life through shotpeening and scragging of springs to prevent sag.
Heat Treatment
Stringent quality control procedures for heat treatment (tempering) processes at all phases of manufacturing ensures Dobinsons springs are made to the highest quality every time.
Drawn, Tapered & Thinned Leaf Ends
Allows even load and stress distribution over the entire spring pack.
Castor Wedge
Assist in prevention of driveline vibration and excessive wear (selected models only).
NYLOC Clip Nuts
Reduces risk of bolts loosening and tyre damage.
Clip Liners
Reduces leaf-on-clip wear and squeaking.
Anti-Friction Liners
Reduces friction at each leaf end where the load is greatest and provides a smoother ride.

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