SPC Nissan 05 + Frontier / Xterra, 05-2012 Pathfinder Upper Control Arms [ PLEASE READ ]



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In light of recent quality issues we have decided to halt sales on SPC UCAs. We have seen a large uptick in customer warranty claims and complaints with joints failing around the 10k mile mark. This message has been communicated to us by both customers, suppliers, and other dealers. 

While SPC does seem to be taking care of the issues, they have changed their warranty process, and there is more red tape involved now. We try to sell only reliable parts, and thus have decided that we will stop sales on SPC UCAs until resolution is provided. At this point there has been no communication to our knowledge from SPC on the issue. 

In light of this information, if you still want SPC, please email us and we can process your order manually: [email protected] 

Improve droop travel, drivability and tire wear as well as adjusting tire position in your wheel well with SPC’s adjustable front upper control arms. Featuring an upgraded grease-able ball joint and SpecRide bushings, this arm is designed to correct alignment angles while maintaining factory ride quality. SPC’s integrated tubular and cast steel designs provide the strength and durability needed for the most demanding environments. These remove and replace arms are sold in pairs.

Get more droop travel:SPC’s arm has improved clearance to get around the spring bucket. With 80 degrees of articulation in the upgraded ball joint and free pivoting bushings, SPC’s arm gives you maximum droop travel.

Get your drivability and tracking back:When you lift your truck you affect caster and camber. SPC’s arms have +1 degree of caster built into them. Using its patented ball joint design the arm will get you 0 degree to +4 degree of caster and ±2 degree camber, so you can put your alignment angles back to specification.

Get your tire where you want it in the wheel well: Use adjustment in the control arm and on the OE lower cams to maximize alignment angles and move oversized tires forward in the wheel well to minimize or avoid fender trimming.

On the adjustable ball joint SPC uses hex chromate free finish and offers a 700 hour salt spray test for the best corrosion protection available.

Front Adjustment range:
Camber: ±2.00 degree
Caster: -1.0 degree to +3.00 degree
Installation time: .8 hr/side
Required: 1 per axle

Patent No. US 7,513,514

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