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SuperPro is the ideal choice for bush replacement for repair, performance upgrade and modified/lifted FJ Cruiser / 4Runner / GX470 SuperPro out performs the original OEM bushings in every location on the vehicle. Kit Includes

  • Front Control Arm Lower-Inner Front Bush Kit
  • Front Control Arm Lower-Inner Rear Bush Kit
  • Includes Bushings for both the right and left side. 1 kit needed per vehicle.
  • Axle alignment required after fitting
  •  Fitment Difficulty
  • Fitting Position: Front
  •  5.5hrs Fitment Time
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Lifetime Warranty

Repair As the OEM rubber bushings deteriorate they induce undesirable characteristics into the handling of any vehicle. Having an independent front suspension on this vehicle means the OEM bushes work very hard and durability, reliability and performance are compromised. With the solid axle rear suspension, the trailing arm bushes stabilise the forward and aft movement of the axle. As the front bushings wear they allow for the dynamic geometry of the suspension to change causing handling and tyre wear issues. As the rear bushings wear they can impart steering angles on the vehicle causing the vehicle to wander all over the road and make the vehicle subject to slight to severe directional changes under braking. The panhard rod bushes control the sideways movement of the rear axle; wear in these bushings make the vehicle unstable at higher speeds and prone to directional changes under braking. SuperPro bushings are more durable and give more positive arm location than the OEM rubber bushing, resulting in a vehicle that gives the driver confidence in the stability and handling. Performance The addition of extra accessories and bigger, wider wheels and tyres to the FJ Cruiser / 4Runner / GX470  seriously impacts the performance of the OEM rubber bushes. Increasing the tyre contact patch increases the amount of rubber in contact with the road; this in turn amplifies the drag and load imparted on the rubber front control arm and rear trailing arm bushings. This can cause instability under braking, dramatically reduced service life and accelerated tyre wear. Fitting SuperPro at the same time as Performance upgrade will enhance the vehicles suspension to handle the additional forces imparted by the extra power or bigger tyres. Upgrade A suspension lift and the addition of extra weight dramatically alter the performance of an OEM rubber bushing. Most rubber bushings work through a limited range of rotation and have voiding in specific locations for their optimal performance, increasing the ride height of a vehicle changes all these parameters. SuperPro bushings provide superior control and in all locations on the FJ Cruiser and work as a free pivoting bearing, regardless of ride height. Lifting a vehicle also lifts the centre of gravity, in turn inducing greater Yaw Moment of Inertia on the suspension, requiring a more resilient suspension bushing in every location to control the attitude of the front upper and lower control arms as well as the rear upper and lower trailing arms.

  • You need SuperPro Bushings if:
  • The rubber bushings start to show signs of wear.
  • Bigger Wheels & Tyres are fitted.
  • The vehicle’s ride height is changed.
  • The vehicle carries more loads.

When these conditions exist, fit SuperPro bushings!  

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