Apache Offroad Unicorn Horn Ultra-Ram™ Bumper | 2010+ 4Runner



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Tired of being taken seriously? Have a fun personality that just won’t shine with all the sleek greys and streamlined 4WDs? Bored with all the effective and value-for-money choices out there? No worries, Apache Offroad is here for you!

Time to beef up your 4WD’s look with the new “Unicorn Horn Ultra-Ram-bumper”!

Don’t let its glamorous look fool you, with this 100% USA made bumper you enjoy:

  • 2-inch-thick internal mounting brackets and gussets!
  • all rainbow anodized aluminum construction—except where it’s cast-iron
  • a great ice-breaker (literally)
  • extremely heavy and brittle!
  • glitter coating available
  • various models to choose from: e.g. opt for the “Grazing Unicorn” if you want to enjoy visibility while driving!

But the fun doesn’t end there—here at Apache Offroad we also have your back! With this limited-time April offer, you get “The Full Unicorn Stealth Ultra-Ram-bumper”—a comprehensive front and rear solution! Opt for the whole package and enjoy the “Unicorn-Tail Rear Ultra-Ram-bumper”, a full-width comprehensive bumper, that caters to all needs and tastes:

  • tricycle rack
  • doesn’t replace rear bumper
  • adds up to 3 feet to vehicle’s full length—check laws in your state before mounting
  • integrated Hi-lift jack points on each side of the bumper in the form of little horns—they won’t work, but will look cute as hell!
  • we boast the lowest ground clearance on the market—wherever you go, leave the characteristic “tail between the legs” skid mark.

And this isn’t all! The Unicorn Tail Ultra-Ram-bumper is a unique, swing-up™ rear bumper—lift the ‘Unicorn’s Tail’ and discover all the extras stuffed into this innovative rear bumper!

  • fold-out lemonade stand
  • camping disco-light attachment
  • Geri-pack mount system—holds up to 4 bottles of wine


*All models include (unicorn) life time guarantee (2 to 4 hours, depending on the species).

**Before buying, check neighborhood’s density in kids, to calculate how long it will take you to move the car before each off-road adventure!

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